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Hellracer 2009

Postby kitesurfa » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:34 pm

Just recieved the latest JN newsletter which has a short section about the new Hellracer 2in1 pure. 8)

Has anyone tested or flown one yet ?
Any photos or video ?
How does the new wing compare to 2008 Hellracer II ?
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Postby Hardy » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:28 pm

hi kitesurfa,

some new facts about the Hellracer² PURE 2009 is about the material we used:

NCV 27g at the whole earth sail and the NCV 85 g up sail.
The robust sky sail prevents UV damage and provides a long time usage. Made out of the high quality NCV, the rips are additionally reinforced where the hangpoints are sewed in.

Due to the light weight material the HELLRACER PURE is easy to fill up and ready for the start. As soon as the canopy is filled, it goes as the crow
flies until the pilot influences the flight path by using the breaks.

ok... and the facts you know;-)

The HELLRACER PURE has a most direct curve handling and reacts without any delay.
Nevertheless the steering distance is long enough so that
an uncontrolled stall is almost impossible.
Although this version is designed for speedriding on snow with snowboarding and skiing, there is no need to wait for snow as it can be used for wagas
on dunes or for ground handling, too.
HELLRACER PURE - designed for high speed with maximum stability and a wide flying speed range!

Special features:

• Pure canopy design meets highest demands
and safety standards.
• Available in two twin-sizes: 13/11 m² and 15/13
m² which can be changed easily by “2 in 1”
innovative zipper technology.
• High tenacity, water-repellent materials ensure
maximum durability.
• Adjustable glide ratio adapts flight path to inclination
thanks to new serial risers with trimmers.
• Ample breaking tolerance renders involuntary
full stalls close to impossible.
• Easy inflation during take-off.
• Oversized and polyester coated lines.
• Dirtholes for easy handling and protection.
• The specially designed extreme harness is very
light, comfortable and solid, and is designed
with back pocket for practical value.
• Comfortable backpack.

í´ve a 13 and 15 Hellracer Sample in my Fungearstorage... if u want to try, just contakt me. next week i´ll post some pix about the new wing.


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Postby Webmaster » Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:02 pm

Hellracer 2 Pure Design




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Postby Webmaster » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:13 am

Der JN Hellracer Pure 13 into 11 liegt zum Testen bereit!

Reservierungen bitte rechtzeitig an office@snowkiting.at

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