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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:35 am
by Webmaster
Slingshot 2016 SUP

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With Slingshot's lineup of standup paddle boards, choosing the best SUP for your specific needs is easier than ever. While many brands have expanded to offer a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and board profiles, we have taken the opposite approach, focusing instead on distilling our lineup down and polishing the boards we know work best.

With that in mind, check our fresh lineup of 2016 boards, featuring the all-around crowd-pleasing Crossbreed (offered in standard hardboard, hybrid soft top and inflatable formats), our surf-specific G-Whiz and Rant and our race-focused Nitro.

Below are a few highlights of the new lineup.

Info & Order:

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With dizzying array of size, shape and construction choices out there, choosing the right SUP can be a daunting task. With that in mind, Slingshot has made the choice easy with its crowd-pleasing Crossbreed series. This highly-versatile board is offered in three different builds: traditional hardboard, hybrid soft top and inflatable. With a shape that favors all-around versatility in a wide range of conditions, the Crossbreed makes picking the right board as easy as one-two-three.

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For wave riding, Slingshot has brought back two of its most popular SUP surfboards: the G-Whiz and the Rant. The G-Whiz, offered in 9' and 9'4" lengths, features the width, volume and shape characteristic that give riders the freedom to take their board confidently into the surf, while being stable and buoyant enough to paddle well in flat and open water. The Rant, in 8'6" and 9' lengths, is a low-profile swallow-tailed surfer designed for experienced paddlers looking for an aggressive board they can take in to surf of all sizes and shapes.

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With a sleek and piercing bow, low-profile body, V-Tunnel bottom and lightweight construction, the Nitro is a high-performance open water board for racers, distance paddlers and those looking for a fast, smooth ride in mixed conditions.

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Slingshot's selection of SUP paddles offers something for everyone; from the high-performance, custom cut carbon Switchblade to the utilitarian three-piece Traveler, whatever your paddling preferences, we've got you covered. Here's a quick breakdown:

Slingblade: The carbon fiber Slingblade is Slingshot's premier high-performance paddle

Switchblade: Adjust paddle height quickly and easily with the hybrid carbon fiber Switchblade. Ideal for sharing the fun of the sport with everyone.

Traveler: Slingshot's Traveler is the ideal choice for those wanting a sturdy adjustable paddle in a three-piece format that breaks down to fit into a bag.

Sweeper: Modeled after our Switchblade paddle but constructed with a higher ratio of fiberglass to carbon, the Sweeper is a strong and durable paddle at a lower price.

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by tom

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Beste Bewertung für das Slingshot Crossbreed SUP von über 70 getesteten I SUP´s. ... /slingshot

Info & Order: ... up-season/

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by tom
FCS II Finnen am Slingshot SUP !
Wer billig kauft, kauft teuer ^^